Our agency has reguleted run from Tg. Mureș to Budapest. Starts every day at 5.30 PM.
Also we have regulated run from Budapesta to Tg. Mureș. Starts every day at 3.30 PM.
We rent buses for international and internal trips.
Travelling conditions
Călătoriile se pot face numai pe baza biletelor de călătorie, cumpărate anticipat de la agenția de voiaj.
- the trip for children until 5 years is FREE if you not book separated sit place for them.
- children between 5 and 10 years have right to 50% discount from ticket price. Also the children until 5 years old has this discount if is booked separated sit place for them. One traveller can ask only one free ticket for younger that 5 years kid. For return-tickets we offer discount.
If your pass and custom controll is more than our scheduled stop (30 minutes), we must leave you at state border in intrest of other travellers, without any obligations (backpayment or transport insurance to your destination city).
The transport of animals is NOT allowed in our buses.
Luggage transport:
Every passanger has right to transport hand-luggages until 10 kg in buses, which will not distrub with their placement the other passangers.Every passanger can transport also in bus-boot TWO luggage which is not bigger than 100x50x30 cm.
Banned objects on our transport:
- parcels
- any object which is banned to be carried in or out in/from Hungary or Romania
Smoking and drinking are banned in our buses! The tickets are not transmissible! The bus driver has right to get off the persons whoes distrub the other passangers' trip.
The ticket price include the travel and luggage insurance also. The tickets are personalized and are not transmissible!
Keep your ticket for controll! The return-tickets without deadline are valid only if our agency is informed with 24 hours before your planned trip.
After 3 run tickets, the 4th we offer FREE!
The offer is for trips made in 12 months. Keep your ticket for decont.
Bus schedule
Bus schedule  
Târgu Mureș - Budapest
Budapest - Târgu Mureș  
Târgu Mureș (agency) 17.30 Budapest (Népliget bus terminal, 19th bay) 15.30
Târgu Mureș
(Voiajor bus terminal, 1st bay)
18.00 Monor 16.00
Sânpaul 18.15 Cegléd (traffic circle) 16.30
Iernut 18.25 Szolnok (MOL gas station - E60) 17.00
Luduș 18.40 Kisújszállás (MOL gas station - E60) 17.45
Luncani (Hanul Pescarilor) 18.50 Püspökladány 18.15
Câmpia Turzii 19.00 Berettyóújfalu (MOL gas station - E60) 18.45
Turda 19.10 Ártánd 19.15
Cluj Napoca (Bila) 20.00 Oradea 22.00
Huedin 21.30 Alesd 23.20
Alesd 22.30 Huedin 00.30
Oradea 23.30 Cluj Napoca (Bila) 01.15
Berettyóújfalu 00.30 Turda 01.45
Püspökladány 01.00 Câmpia Turzii 02.00
Kisújszállás (MOL gas station - E60) 01.30 Luncani (Hanul Pescarilor) 02.15
Szolnok (MOL gas station - E60) 02.30 Luduș 02.30
Cegléd (traffic circle) 03.30 Iernut 02.45
Monor 04.30 Sânpaul 03.00
Budapest 05.00 Târgu Mureș 03.30


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